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Follow a story as vast as the whole world, from the beginning of the human race to the end of the time itself! I have no heartbeat, no breath, no smell, just cold, clammy flesh animated by something I don't understand. So I sell my dead flesh to the highest bidder.

If the price is right, I'll kill for you, steal for you, or save your life for you. There's no mystery you can't hire me to solve The bent copper torn apart in his flat by something not quite human. The hidden rooms underneath the Tower of London. The hollow-eyed boxer, Morse, and strange, strange Mr Smith with his head full of the future. And the secret they found. The secret of who I am. A secret so big and black and terrible that it changed everything we thought we knew about existence.

By Rebecca Levene , Al Ewing. It swept across the world like the end of times, a killer virus that spared only those with one rare blood type. Now, in the ruined cities, cannibalism and casual murder are the rule, and religious fervour vies with cynical self-interest. The few who hope to make a difference, to rise above the monsters, must sometimes become monsters themselves.

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Now, deep in the squalor of London, he receives a signal, and a flicker of hope. But the source of the signal is half a world away, and he must fight gangs, collectors, and the powerful Church of the New Dawn to get there. Rescued by the rulers of the New Caribbean, she is sent to investigate a second plague. If that meant taking on religious maniacs, suited cannibals and hippies who dealt out free love and fast death He didn't exactly care about people, did Cade, but if one of the people he almost cared about was in trouble, he'd help out if he could. If that meant heading down to San Francisco - even though nobody ever came back from there alive - well, fine.

If that meant taking on whole armies of religious maniacs, coupon-clipping cannibals and helter-skelter hippies who dealt out free love and fast death in equal measure, armed with nothing but his two fists and a decent hunting knife Al Ewing is a writer of extraordinary talent and with his first novel for Solaris, The Fictional Man, his incredible imagination has created a work of disturbing, fascinating insight and power. At least he copied things for a living. I suppose he just didn't render the appropriately heroic figure.

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Or, do you just go where your characters lead you? All my partners in this crime have written terrific books. For me, the writer's process has always been of incredible interest to see how others do the same thing I do. It never ceases to amaze me that two of us can write a book doing it completely differently. My guess is that all of us outline to some degree. My hope is to learn from these ITW friends and perhaps incorporate some small elements into my own writing.

And that counts for something. So please come on over and read a little of what we are saying. Feel free to comment I think anyone can comment.

The War in Heaven: The Chronicle of Abaddon the Destroyer (Tears of Heaven, Book 2) (Unabridged)

This is open to the public. Everyone's doing a list of best books of the year. Why should I be any different. I read as much as the next guy, albiet, my reading habits aren't the same as many of you. This stands for Carcinoma of Unknown Primary.

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There are too many emotions running through me right now. My hands are shaking so typing this is hard. But I want to send out amazing thoughts to Mike. So here goes. Mike, when you came to me and asked me about writing five years ago, I'm glad I spoke to you. I don't know what I said, but you always tell me what an inspiration it was. Personally, I think you were just being polite, because you are an inspiration in your own right. When you published your first book, I'm glad you sent it to me. I was amazed by it. When you had problems or questions about the industry, it was my pleasure to give advice.

Whenever we saw each other there was a smile on your face. I have a dozen memories of you walking towards me, each time the smile owns you. You are one of the most upbeat and energetic people I've known. It's always been a great pleasure to see you and talk to you. You're a teacher and when I watch you in a crowd, I wished I had a teacher like you. I've had the pleasure of dining with you and your wife, of reading your work, of talking to you as both a mentor and a friend, and of watching you succeed.

Mike, I love you and am sending all of my energy to you. Get better Mike. From Heaven. Jillian Hart.

The War in Heaven: The Chronicle of Abaddon the Destroyer

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