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We said: A coming-of-age tale of teenage rebellion, set in a winner-takes-all world of drive-ins, drag races and switchblades.


It created an anti-hero from the wrong side of the class divide — all written when S. Hinton was just They said: The original YA novel, which sparked many crushes and made me fall in love with reading. We said: An epic novel that will have you feeling all the emotions — and a prime example of the old adage that revenge is a dish best served cold.

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They said: The best classic tale! They said: Reading it as a person, an emotional journey. Reading it as a writer, technically mesmerizing and inspiring. They said: Brilliant writing, epic family saga, drills deep into human nature and how we think, feel and act toward one another.

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My all-time favourite novel. The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. They said: A depiction of the darkest recesses of human nature. But also of the brightest ones… Luca C, Facebook.

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  5. We said: Quite simply some of the finest writing ever committed to a page. A book that is simultaneously repulsive and utterly seductive. They said: Beautifully written.

    Must-Read Classic Books, As Chosen By Our Readers | Fiction, Novels & More

    The book takes you into the mind of this awful character and lets you roll around in the gorgeous word-play as the story unfurls. We said: This book will awaken the curiosity of any reader, no matter their age. But this is more than a story of adventures and gardening, at its heart, The Secret Garden promises that with time and plenty of nurturing, we can all blossom. They said: I will never forget reading this book as a child.

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    I felt I was in the middle of the story. They said: A funny story wrapped around absurdity, journalism and war. Guy V, Facebook. Pat C, Facebook. Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith. We said: Diary of a Nobody follows a respectable middle-class man, Charles Pooter, and his attempts to live a respectable middle-class life.

    This riotously funny novel created such an impression that it inspired an adjective in honour of its main character: 'Pooterish', a self-important person who takes themselves far too seriously. They said: I have read this book so many times and laugh out loud every time. I have a Penguin Classic copy of it that's falling apart but I wouldn't part with it for the world.

    We said: Anna Karenina is a woman who seems to have it all.

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    They said: Simply the best in-depth characterisation of all time. Tolstoy's psychological insights have never been beaten. Chris W, Facebook. The Betrothed is considered by many to be the greatest novel ever written in Italian. Shawna R, Facebook. They said: What is it to be a woman?

    Woolf's modernist novel is so fresh even 90 or so years later. Gender fluidity before the term was even coined. And a history of literature as a backdrop. We said: Step into the dystopian USA and follow the saga of Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden as they attempt to bring their Transcontinental railroad into existence, and uncover the secrets of a shadowy figure called John Galt along the way.

    Caldecott Medal & Honor Books, 1938-Present

    They said: This book engages the reader through its characters and themes, allowing one to be entranced through this cautionary tale that can be applied to the modern world. Deanna H, Facebook. The layperson might not be involved in warfare but the advice within is just as useful for navigating the workplace or daily life. They said: This should be called the little book of common sense. It makes everything easier to understand. They said: This book gives you a wonderful impression of life in the 19th and early 20th century. They said: Loud, funny, sexual Paris in the s. I read it when I was 20, and it changed the way I look at the world.

    Women in Love by D. We said: Controversial during its time, this sequel to The Rainbow follows the lives of two women and the men they become involved with. We said: Paul Scott passed away at the peak of his writing career and his last novel, Staying On — which won the Booker Prize in — gives us a unique insight into life just after the end of the British rule in India. They said: A funny, tragic, beautifully written study of an English colonial married couple left behind as an independent India moves ahead. A whimsical foray through the Berkshire countryside, the camaraderie between Ratty, Badger, Mole and Mr Toad still embodies traditional British eccentricities to a tee.

    Widely considered a staple of Gothic fiction and the English literary canon, this book has gone on to inspire many generations of writers — and will continue to do so. After discovering he has no scent of his own — despite having a remarkable sense of smell — Jean-Baptiste Grenouille trains in the art of perfume-making so he can create the ultimate scent — one that is made from 25 young virgin girls.

    Kept me enthralled for weeks We said: At the centre of Bleak House is the never-ending legal case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce which draws together a disparate group of people who hope in some way to profit from the case. We said: Would-be poet Lucien Chardon moves from the French Provinces to the glamorous beau monde of Paris where he quickly discovers a world far more dangerous than he ever imagined.

    De Balzac paints a vivid and brutal picture of the hypocrisy and moral history of his times. You may love it, you may not get the point. They said: Reading this blend of surrealism, sci-fi and other genres made me realise that sometimes, fiction can be more powerful than real-life stories! A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It tells the story of an isolated miser, who is given a second chance to transform his life when he adopts a young orphaned child. With themes of religion, industrialisation and community, the book also provides us with a glimpse of a vanished rural world. We said: In Little Women , Louisa May Alcott set out to write a book in which girls would see them themselves accurately reflected. The March sisters, with their four very different personalities and ambitions, accurately embody both the challenges of growing up and the irreplaceable bond of sisterhood.

    They said: A story of growing up and changing and the world set around a group of young girls. This book is as timeless as it is beautiful. Luke E, Twitter. An unforgettable story, beautifully told. They said: This book left me speechless, while reading and after reading and I still can't find the words to describe why it is one of the most impressive pieces of writing I have ever read.

    H, Twitter. A powerful story of tradition, blood, honour and of course, family allegiance. They said: This novel teaches the reader about the strengths and failures of human nature.

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