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Like, literally just Cameron," Stewart said. At his age, Ortega said that he has "been alive long enough to, to have witnessed some pretty tough stuff.

Disney's Descendants 3 pays tribute to Cameron Boyce during its official premiere

Stewart said that for him, "This was the first time I ever dealt with anything like this and something that, you might have said it, someone said it, but they said -- just to be okay with any thought that, that you have. Like, cause when you're grieving, like, you think things that I've thought things I've never thought before," Stewart added. Cameron recalled the last conversation she had with Boyce, saying, "it was pretty normal, you know?

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The final installment in "The Descendants" franchise is set for release on Friday and will be dedicated to Boyce and followed by a tribute video. Culture August 1, 'Descendants 3' stars reflect on the 'light' and legacy of the late Cameron Boyce. ABC News' T.

Editor's Picks 1. Talk about a good boyfriend. His elaborate skills are awe-inspiring and even when he loses his sword, his improvisational move sliding on a shield is just brilliant. He deserves a standing ovation for this scene. Descendants 3 is all about giving everyone a chance no matter where they come from, and not only setting aside differences but also celebrating them.

He just acts heroically, giving a new meaning to the term VK.

Cameron F/FC Manual

Even if he was scared, Carlos knew it was the right thing to do. He used his 3D printer to create a necklace that combines their names into Jarlos.

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  • Descendants 3 end credits remembers Cameron Boyce | Metro News!
  • Cameron F/FC Manual.
  • Another ensemble dance scene, another moment for Boyce to shine. He truly is the star in all these group numbers.

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    He one-ups her by revealing that he wants to be a vet and is bravely going to tell his mom … you know, Cruella De Vil. All of Cameron Boyce's best moments in Descendants 3. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom.