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Cataclysm of Fire

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When Zachary Parke Authors other products. Ringing Her Neck Christmas is just around the corner when Alex talks her crew into going on a daring mission…Alex, sh Chana had her dream job, mo Published: February 18, by eXtasy Books Inc. The blade of betrayal cuts deep. But not everyone is happy with their circumstances. Published: November 10, by eXtasy Books Inc. Danger, lies, and betrayal forge the path to unlocking the secrets Brenn seeks.

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Words: 47, Published: October 23, by eXtasy Books Inc. The gods smile upon a weary warrior Brenn returns from a war far from his home to find that his village is destroyed and his pride missing. Bound by a curse, Brenn must find a way to save his pride.

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Words: 34, Published: February 10, by eXtasy Books Inc. Citrine Mist is different from other people. Words: 66, Published: May 15, by eXtasy Books Inc. An uncle she didn't know existed.

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An inheritance with strict terms attached to it. Molly is at odds--accept the amount offered if she doesn't agree to the terms, or accept the terms and fly to New Orleans to claim the inheritance. Words: 65, Published: February 2, by eXtasy Books Inc. Tara is alone in a devastated world and has to fight and steal for her survival.

Words: 71, Published: July 5, by eXtasy Books Inc. Susan Davies is about to graduate. Having been raised in a small farmer's community, she's led a sheltered life, especially so because of overprotective parents. Defying her parents one evening, she dresses in sexy clothing.

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On the way home, she accepts a ride from a stranger, again forgetting her parents' warnings. Warning, contains a rape scene that is crucial to the story. Words: 40, Published: July 4, by eXtasy Books Inc. Desperation, greed, murder, sex… Cain and Anke's search for Bill Morton begins. However, one of the pack has friends in dark places and has already discovered Bill's whereabouts. Words: 58, Published: February 15, by eXtasy Books Inc.

Megan had met the man of her dreams, only to have everything blown to smithereens in a single second. Words: 17, Published: June 5, by eXtasy Books Inc. Words: 5, Published: June 4, by eXtasy Books Inc. When darkness and evil comes looking for Jenny, Matt grabs her and runs until they see a motel, but there is no shelter at Cafe Nowhere. Words: 49, Published: February 13, by eXtasy Books Inc. Was it normal for a fashion designer to ask a new model to strip so he could inspect her from head to toe to get a feel for her shape, size and sensitivities? Published: January 26, by eXtasy Books Inc.

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When fate leads you to your soul mate…it might be a good idea to answer. Words: 46, Published: December 16, by eXtasy Books Inc. What are the secrets hidden within the walls and cellars of Whispering Ice Manor? What happened to the three brothers who built it? Ariana enters a contest in a naughty magazine… Ariana enters a contest in a naughty magazine--to write a letter to Santa and tell him about her innermost desires.

Published: November 15, by eXtasy Books Inc.

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Anya must choose between not believing in folktales and the actual giants who have taken her under their wings. Published: October 27, by eXtasy Books Inc. Tirzah disobeys the rules of her tribe and ventures beyond the boundary into the forbidden zone convinced there has to be a more advanced species on the planet. Words: 26, Published: August 2, by eXtasy Books Inc.

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Published: May 30, by eXtasy Books Inc. Will Joshua and Katarina finally tie the knot? Will they live happily ever after?