Catastrophic Impact and Loss: The Capstone of Impact Assessment

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Given this brief literature overview, it suggests that in dealing with the unexpected departure of a project leader, companies can develop succession plans and have a number of approaches to consider so there is a reservoir of talent and bench strength available to replace a project manager. An organization that moves in the direction of developing a pool of resources, where leaders are available who can take over at a moment's notice, who can meet organizational and future needs, provides companies with the needed flexibility and confidence that they will have the leadership talent when needed.

Succession plans that are living documents that take into account the unexpected also places an organization in a position to react quickly and with the assurance a project will be lead to a successful completion. It is widely accepted that dynamic changes are taking place within business and project environments, affecting the stability of project manager tenure. Most of the literature is practical and does not clearly connect the impacts of project manager departures to the project, to team members, or to the organization. Some researchers have shown the need for developing transition plans, but evidently more research is required in this area.

Where do we go from here? The key challenge in addressing this project risk is to create and identify strategies, programs, and opportunities that build on how, when, and why leaders change unexpectedly and link these changes to strategies for transitioning team members in order to ensure continued project success. I suggest a number of short-term recommendations that both the organization and the individual project manager should adopt, offering a quick solution to the situation. I also provide some long-term recommendations.

There are a number of short-term and long-term recommendations listed in Table 1; however, for the purposes of this paper I have selected a number of key recommendations to emphasize immediate actions that can be taken. This paper recognizes the need for taking this research further and exploring how organizations develop and implement actions for coping with the unexpected departure of project managers.

Baseline Data Collection in Environment Impact Assessment

This review set out to discover what management literature there is to help organizations deal with the need to replace a project manager mid-project and I have found that more work needs to be done. Below are some ideas for future research on dealing with project management departures. We know that the marketplace is more volatile, with a higher degree of uncertainty, and that turnover of key executives and leaders is rapidly increasing. These recommendations assist organizations and project practitioners in understanding the impact felt by organizations and teams when project leaders depart unexpectedly.

Her current position involves supporting the increasing number of strategic organizational change transformations. She specifically addresses the people side of change at all levels of an organization, working in concert with business leaders, project leaders, and with change teams. Their aim is to improve overall organizational capacity for managing change, by developing and mentoring change leaders from within the business and supporting them as they take on change-related assignments.

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Emergency and Disaster Management Program Theses

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San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Skip to main content. Search all articles:. Publication date: February, Tags: Leadership Development , Change Management. This model outlines: Contributing Factors to Changes Impact on Projects contributing to Project Risk Impacts on Project Team Members This model lays out the root causes, impacts on projects and the organization, and team member perceptions that have to be addressed.

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It is not expected that individual students will summarize all important aspect of their assigned volcanic eruption for full credit on Large Eruption Part A Microsoft Word The Rubric for this assignment is included on page 4 of the assignment sheet. An example rubric has been included in Team Guidelines Microsoft Word Assesses learning goal 3.

The assignment description, Capstone Project Microsoft Word This is intentional and allows students leeway to successfully complete this assignment in their own creative way, and with a focus on aspects of the volcanic effects to the Earth system or society that are most interesting to them.

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