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Education and certification opportunities are a strong contender when it comes to attracting talent, especially in competitive industries like tech. For example, findings from the Dice Salary Report suggest that training and education are the biggest gap in important vs. Education opportunities also have a positive impact on retention. This could indicate that learning is more easily available in industries other than tech. Benefits for the employer include a ssessing and closing skills gaps and r educed turnover.

Competency mapping & organization realignment

According to LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report , understanding skill gaps is the 1 priority this year for talent developers worldwide. Once you map the skills people have, you can place them in the right teams to maximize their productivity. Teams made of individuals with complementary competencies are typically more efficient and more satisfied with their jobs. Source: re:work.

Being aware of the current skills inventory in your organization allows you to plan your hiring and training activities so you can reach your business goals. Educating your employees about the aims of competency mapping in your organization helps to alleviate these fears. Once you do that, you can enjoy your new ability to make optimized decisions when it comes to training and hiring.

Glean Labs - Automatic Competency Mapping

According to Workology :. Mapping competencies increases the chances of finding the right fit for a given position because you look at the skills necessary to perform in a given job. Knowing the required vs.

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Eighty percent of employee turnover is a result of bad hiring decisions. Knowing the competencies required to perform well on the job reduces the risk of hiring the wrong person.

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Sounds logical, right? Still, companies worldwide are struggling to hire the right people. TIP: Read our guide on how to reduce employee turnover along with the top reasons you're experiencing such high rates currently.

Companies that map skills find it a lot easier to present growth opportunities to candidates and new hires. Companies that map the skills of their employees find it easier to align their training goals with the overall goals of the organization. Show More.

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