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He died after drinking the blood of a cat sacrificed in one of Crowley's rituals and Mr Beynon argues that he was deliberately poisoned. He suggests that Crowley put her up to the shooting. He had only recently returned from his own trip to Luxor.


Mr Beynon speculates that Crowley was behind the death and may again have used Marie-Marguerite to do his dirty work. Bethell was said to have been in perfect health. It was initially thought that he died of a heart attack but his symptoms raised suspicion that he was smothered to death as he slept. Crowley had only recently returned to London and was often a guest of novelist W. Somerset Maugham at the club. But Mr Beynon found that it was practically impossible for an elderly man to have climbed out onto the window ledge and suggests that Crowley threw him off.

Mr Beynon speculates that Crowley was behind the death.

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A friend of Lord Carnarvon, he had been responsible for displaying the artefacts from Luxor. Mr Beynon says there is evidence that Budge and Crowley were associates on the London occult scene. Crowley, who was born into a wealthy upper class family in , had a controversial doctrine for life of 'Do What Thou Wilt'. The bisexual heroin addict gained notoriety for advocating sexual promiscuity and prostitution and was dubbed 'the wickedest man in the world' by the Press. Mr Beynon paints a picture of a dangerous schizophrenic known to have murdered his servants in India.

Crowley never mentions the deaths in his diaries but often wrote that his mood had "lifted" the day after them. He socialised with Ripper suspect Walter Sickert and Mr Beynon argues that Crowley used the Ripper's killing spree as inspiration for his own efforts years later. Crowley wrote in his diaries that he believed the locations of five of the Ripper's murders in Whitechapel in formed a pentagram - an important star-shaped symbol in Satanism.

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Crowley believed that the Ripper's murders had afforded him special powers, including invisibility. When customers fell silent and were too perturbed to speak to him, he assumed they could not see him. Outlining his macabre theory, Mr Beynon said: "When I researched these deaths, Crowley's name popped up again and again.

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Satanist Crowley ‘was responsible for deaths blamed on Curse of King Tut’

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