Daily Encouragement June: For the Family

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God sees it all!

God knows every detail of your life. He watches every breath you take. There are no secrets between you and him. Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and all the other saints are there as well.

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How is this encouraging? When you feel like giving up, remember the people who have gone before you and are offering you encouragement through their life stories of faith. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Follow Donate. There are moments when we glimpse the possibility of living in flow, as if dancing or singing ourselves into being.

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We will be exploring an opportunity to enter a partnership that is newly emerging in this time for many people: the realm of the Sidhe. Take actions that reflect the wisdom of your heart. Give generously and freely, and treat yourself and others with kindness and caring.

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Last month the Angel of Compassion brought deep movement to many both individually and collectively. As the world of illusion pulls against the world of true reality, it creates a tenderness at the tug points; sometimes tearing at the very core of ourselves.

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We feel the suffering of separation and will often do anything to avoid or mitigate the pain. It is these very points of tenderness that allow the emergence of the whole and signal where our deepest healing can occur.

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At this time of awakening, of seeing and feeling what no longer can be denied, reframed, or avoided, it can take our breath away and stun our spirits. Take time to listen to what is going on inside you, what needs holding, encouragement, and support.

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We each need to find what nurtures our spirit and hold one another in tender loving care and a balm of calmness, allowing one another to stand in our spiritual presence. Shaping Our New Future with the Sidhe Many of us, especially in these times, sense a longing for a world that seems close, but not quite here. Monthly Theme for October Your Angel for Today.