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An easy-to-reference health guide features alternative approaches to care and treatment such as raw and natural diets. With its in-depth coverage of the latest breakthroughs in feline health and wellness, Good Catkeeping is an invaluable resource for both new and veteran cat parents looking to provide the utmost care to their furry pals. Diane Morgan is an award-winning author who has written numerous books on pet care and health, including The Sneeze-Free Cat Owner.

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Good Catkeeping. Diane Morgan. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. And sometimes, they go through phases that keep us awake all hours of the night.

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  • The unmistakable yowling and wailing of a cat in distress is nearly impossible to sleep through for even the heaviest of sleepers. And much like humans, cats are generally looking for a need to be met and can be taught to self soothe in order to regain a normal sleep pattern. Do not despair, parent of a frustrated furry family member, hope lies in these pages.

    The very first thing to do is bring your cat to their vet for a checkup. Much like a baby, cats do not have the ability to tell you with words if there is a medical problem.

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    They can, however, vocalize. There can be many medical reasons your cat is vocalizing at all hours of the night, thyroid disease, hearing loss, or cognitive dysfunction being just a few of them. Once you rule out a medical condition, then you can start to address the potential root causes of the behavioral condition that needs attention. Cats are supremely smart animals, and do exactly the same thing.

    source site If your cat is not mentally stimulated, they will seek negative attention in order to have that need met. Provide your cat with many opportunities to stimulate their mind and body.

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    Toys, scratching posts, jungle gyms, and even cognitive games. Yes, they make those for cats and they are incredibly effective. It is important to not just wear out their body, but their mind. Without doubt, there are times when you must comfort your cat, but you are doing them no favors by not teaching them to self soothe. Night vocalization can often be a call for attention, and for every time you wake up to soothe your cat, you are reinforcing that behavior, leading to more and more vocalization.

    Behavior modification is needed on both ends of this spectrum: Your can needs to learn to self soothe at night and you need to learn to let your cat cry it out.

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    Ending the undesirable behavior is only half of the puzzle. Behavior modification is a two part endeavor. The first part is disrupting the bad behavior, and the second part is reinforcing a more desirable behavior. What does this mean? Catch your cat being good. This reinforcement will pave the way to replace the night vocalizations with day time cuddles.

    Replace the old habits with better habits. Cats and kids both learn through play, and they develop a bond and happiness through playtime with their parent. With a consistent and regular nightly bonding time, your cat might start reducing their night vocalizations almost immediately.

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    One method of playing with your cat is to mimic hunting. Get a toy mouse or a feather and allow your cat to get their predatory instincts out, and make way for a good night rest for both of you. The key is to be consistent, and realize that in order to change the behavior, you will also need to change your behavior.