How To Make Money With Your Music Without Having To Play In Bars

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The cost of TheMusicLicence varies depending on the specific characteristics of each pub or bar, so please contact us for a quote. Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. Pubs and bars use music in a number of different ways. For us, music projects the right atmosphere and is the beating heart of the business.

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How is my music licence cost calculated? Live events Number and capacity of live events held per year. Specially featured entertainment events, e. DJs and dances Number, capacity, duration and attendance of specially featured events held per year Number of karaoke sessions.

There is a mix of traditional and modern income streams available for you to explore. From songwriting to crowdfunding, here are 19 of the best ways musicians can make more money. You need to create, release and promote your music to make money, as well as treating your career like a business.

How to Make Money as a Performing Musician

If you can balance the business and creative side of music then you have a better chance of making money in the music industry. Ticket sales are now one of the most important ways for artists to make money. Put your stall in the line of vision at your gigs and make sure there is a price list for your fans to see. If you put some effort in your fans will appreciate it and you will start to reap the benefits. YouTube has been a platform for so many emerging artists over the years.

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You can earn royalties whenever your videos are played. Advice on how to put your music on YouTube. YouTube is the most successful video platform on the internet, with users uploading hours and hours of content every minute. Here are some tips on how to put your music on YouTube successfully. Create a YouTube account Firstly, YouTube is becoming more and more popular with millions of people of all ages watching its content.

For musicians, it can be a great way to start your music career as artists such as Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepson have shown. Firstly, plan your content and make sure that you keep it interesting and engaging. The more people that can relate to it, the more fans you are likely to make and the higher the chances they will want to watch to the end and then find out more.

Make sure for any videos that you want to record, you have the right equipment to produce good, high — quality videos. It could be a performance at a bar, restaurant or a club.

A PRS collects the royalties you are owed whenever your music is played in public and you hold the copyright, which can really help you out as a musician and it is definitely worth joining. Find out more here:. As a small musician, it can be tough finding ways to earn money from your music or earn the royalties you deserve when your songs are played in the media or by other artists. But why Local radio stations and services such as BBC Introducing could be a great way to kick start your career.

Often, artists try so hard to get their song played on the radio, that they forget to take the necessary steps to ensure they get the royalties they deserve. It can be an excellent way to support your music career, especially when you are just getting started in the industry.

Make sure these are encoded on your CD and MP3 tracks. Whether your music gets played on television or film or in an advert, you can earn royalties from it. There are many superstars who started their career writing for other people before they went on to become singers themselves.

Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play are all brilliant streaming services and they are another great way to ensure your track is getting as much exposure as possible. It also means that you can release your different versions out to different platforms and will be a great way to get your brand out in the public domain. Streaming is a very popular service amongst music fans so why not embrace its popularity? The best way to make money from streaming services is simply to make your fans aware of its presence. You can also look at advertising on Spotify or Facebook so that more fans know your music is available and waiting to be listened to.

When my band started, we would literally make a point of going to every table in the bar , hand people a download card, and start chatting. GigSalad can be another valuable resource for booking private and corporate gigs, so check it out. With house concerts, there are a couple of ways you can get paid as an artist.

The host will either collect donations or set a ticket price for the event.

5 Ways to Make Money Playing Guitar.

Live performance rights are like a bag of money on a mountain. On the promoter side, the promoter is supposed to pay fees to a PRO. This is a licensing fee, allowing them to play music in their establishment. For the artist to collect their royalties, they will need to climb the mountain and get it. What this means is the artist needs to submit the details of the gig and the set list they played to a PRO.

Once the PRO gathers this information, they will take the money from the licensing fee and give the artist a chunk of it. To be a promoter, you need to register with a PRO and then pay licensing fees.

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Pay the licensing fees, and then under your artist account, submit the set list. Something many bands neglect to do is ask for free meals and drinks at the shows they play. A meal provided by the venue costs them very little, but saves you tens of dollars. If you can, ask for free meals.