Initial Return Earned by Investors

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Your mix of investments should be based on reasonable returns over your desired timeframe and a level of risk you are comfortable with. A suitable product could be a balanced investment option in a managed fund. If your timeframe is closer to 4 years, a more conservative investment option may be suitable.

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  4. Ask yourself, what's the best way to make my money grow over the long-term and will I be too stressed by short-term fluctuations? Different funds may have different names for their portfolios and asset allocations may not be the same as ours.

    Read the fund's PDS to find out how money will be allocated for each investment option. Volatility : High. Volatility : Medium.

    What is ROI?

    Actual returns can vary significantly from year to year and could be negative in some years, particularly for investment mixes where more is invested in shares and property. Make sure you have enough information to understand how the investment product works and identify the associated risks. What are the commissions, fees or other charges?

    What is the interest, if you're borrowing to invest?

    The Strategic Secret of Private Equity

    All costs reduce the return on your money. Know what you're buying and how you're paying for it. Your financial and tax situation may be different from your neighbour's or workmate's.

    In recent months, private equity managers have come under fire for using leverage to delay capital calls. These credit lines, called subscription line loans , have legitimate value in maintaining the liquidity of a deal over a short term. Raising the IRR by funding asset purchases with credit lines, rather than investor equity, helps them meet the preferred return faster and collect their payouts quicker.

    Essentially, this manager is using investor equity to obtain affordable capital — and earning a fee while doing so. Bottom line, subscription line loans can raise costs significantly while doing nothing to create wealth.

    Impact investment

    Investors should utilize the equity multiple to determine if this is the case and be very cautious about deals that mask the cost of subscription line borrowing. While IRR shows where the money goes, equity multiple is a true gauge of the wealth it delivers — and what you can spend.

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