Interlude With the Artist

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They are painted in a very expressive manner whereby I combine techniques such as dripping paint, splats and blobs of paint, scraping, scratching as well as more conventional painting methods, in a complex layering process.

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I also work with various transparencies and glazes, drying at different rates to achieve a contrast of textures. More recently, I began isolating areas of canvas to build up the layers, while leaving other areas entirely blank — the untouched canvas becoming part of the finished piece.


He joined Contact Studios in , working and exhibiting with the group since then, most recently in the Gallery Interlude show, Network Contact in Local arts and crafts are featured alongside worldwide brands. The space occasionally hosts music events, local bands, poetry readings, drawing classes, dance and full-scale theatrical performances.

Website: luckylane. The owners Pat Normoyle and Kate Frawley have been framing artworks since and also have an art supplies business, ArtMad, on premises.

Website: artmad. Loading Map After sharing my thoughts with friends and family, it forever inspired me to know that they too had similar experiences with their own projected imagery. Through time, despite understanding some of the logical explanations as to why we close our eyes at particular moments, I still felt inclined to imagine otherwise.

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Mystery is what has always inspired me and is what eventually led me to create this series of portraits. Being a sensitive individual, I have always felt prone to being easily distracted and sometimes influenced by family, friends and the media.

However I now realise that over the years, by drawing for up to 12 hours a day, I was subconsciously seeking solitude — away from the disturbing outer world — and the freedom to gather my own thoughts and form the courage to embark on a pursuit that I passionately enjoyed. With sensitivity still being a big part of my personality, this voluntary solitude helped me to develop discipline and strength as well as acquire a greater degree of inner peace.

Whether taking photos or making sketches of the models at their favourite park or visiting their own personal space, I found that by being in a comfortable and familiar setting it was easier for the models to channel those feelings of calm, tranquillity and stillness that were then translated on paper. The resulting gestures and expressions that one can see in this collection are my interpretation of their inner harmony as well as the beauty of their solitude. Powered by Clikpic.