Letters of Myrtle Fillmore

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These prayer requests are held in total confidentiality.


Each Prayer Team member holds these requests in their daily prayer and pray for them for 30 days. After the 30 days, the prayer requests are sent to Silent Unity at Unity headquarters outside of Kansas City, Missouri. Silent Unity also prays for them another 30 days. We have provided a link connection to Silent Unity so you can also send them a prayer request from this web site.

This occurs annually the second week in September. There is always a service on that Wednesday to kick off the World Day of Prayer.

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Then members of the church as well as the Prayer Team members participate in 24 hour period of prayer. It is always powerful and transforming! One or two of our Prayer Chaplains leads the opening prayer at each Sunday service and then are available to pray with anyone after the service. When someone becomes a member of Unity Northwest, they are assigned to a Prayer Chaplain. Each month the Prayer Chaplains will make contact with their list of members to support them in prayer. In addition they hold their members in prayer during their daily prayer and meditation.

All prayer requests are held in strictest confidence. In addition they attend monthly meeting with the Prayer Chaplain Coordinator and Minister to support each other and pray together. The Role of Prayer at Unity Northwest. They had their wonderful healings because of prayer and were able to help others through the power of prayer.

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Prayer whether it is our own, with others, or others for us deepens our trust and connection with God as our source. It also helps us to let go and let God be God in ourselves and others.

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  8. Sweet friend, you are best known to us through the delightful creations you have clothed with the intents and purposes of your own high ideas of life and living. Your thought-children are all so wholesome, and you have peopled the world of fiction with characters that appeal to the best that is in humankind, and inspire them with noble thought and notion. Greater faith in God, and in yourself, and your own ability — ability to change your mind, and to think true thoughts — will open the way for greater wisdom, and greater manifestation of supply, and joy and opportunity for advancement.

    No, it comes as a result of your deliberate claiming of faith as one of your God-given faculties; and then by seeking to do the thing which proves that you have faith. I am so pleased with you, I hardly have words to express my joy and thankfulness and praise!

    See Class - Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters

    Indeed you are growing! And Spirit is showing you how to take your experience in the right light. And I know the real satisfaction and healing that will soon follow will be more glorious than you have ever expected! Thou in me and I in Thee and they in us made perfect in one. Thou has sent me into the world.

    Thou only can direct and vitalize my effort. As the great calm eyed Sphinx, indifferent alike to time or drifting sand or speculation of the ephemeral world: holds in awful stillness her unsolved problem. So hast thou, O Soul, in voiceless solitude, awaited behind the shifting world of Sense, with a great secret of power, secure in silence.

    Back of the canvass that throbs, the painter is hinted and hidden; Into the statue that breathes, the soul of the sculptor is bidden; Under the joy that is felt, lie the infinite issues of feeling; Crowning the glory revealed in the glory that crowns the revealing.

    Letters of Myrtle Fillmore - M Fillmore

    Great are the symbols of Being but that which is symboled, is greater. Vast the create and behold, but vaster the inward creator. There is a difference between a sage and a thinker. The thinker throws open the road, which leads from the seen to the unseen. The sage throws open the highway that takes us from that which we love today, to that which we yet shall love.

    3 of 3 How to Let God Heal You by Myrtle Fillmore (Animated)

    And the paths ascend from that which has ceased to console — to that which shall be laden with deep consolation for a long time to come. I would think your thoughts after you.

    Letters of Myrtle Fillmore

    I would give my life in making manifest Thy will in ALL my words and work. I would be dependent on YOU alone for my inspiration and incentive. I would know or acknowledge no other source. YOU in me and I in you — and they in us made perfect in one. You have sent me into the world. Only you can direct and vitalize my effort.

    fermattcharfowi.ml Now, every one who is toiling over this knotty problem [Problem of Life], knows that its answer is Satisfaction, and the living demonstration of this answer is: — Health of Body — Peace of mind — Knowledge of Truth Life is Real. Speak this truth to your neighbor.