Overcome Writers Block: A Self-Guided Creative Writing Class to Get You Writing Again

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It works on the web and via a desktop app for Windows. It offers a step-by-step tutorial to writing your first novel taking you through scene, character, themes and so on. It reminded me a little of the Scrivener fiction template. Campfire is another type of story planning software aimed at new fiction writers.

It was created in two months by two year-old American college students. At the time of writing, approximately people use it. It offers a dedicated app for Windows and Mac. KDP Rocket is an easy to use tool for researching keywords and popular books on the Amazon story.

Try KDP Rocket. KindleSpy is a great tool that will help you see which books are selling on Amazon and how much they earn. Then, you can use this information to increase sales of your book. Try KindleSpy. I used 99designs to find a designer for the cover of my book: A Handbook for the Productive Writer, and I was delighted with the results.

Try 99designs.

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One of the trickiest parts of self-publishing is creating a book that looks good. Or at least it was.

How to Deal with Writer's Anxiety and Writer's Block

With Vellum, you can create beautiful looking e-books and print books in minutes. Try Vellum. Your book title is just as important as the cover. If you need help coming up with a title for your book, check out Pickfu. Try Pickfu. If you want to find a book editor, proof-reader or cover designer, Reedsy takes all the hassle out of it. When you sign up, you get access to a community of self-publishing professionals that are ready to work with you and on your book.


How to Overcome Writer's Block

Try Reedsy. In short, start your blog using WordPress and self-host it on a domain you own. Then, you can worry about tools.

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Try Siteground. To save time, buy a premium WordPress theme that gives your blog a professional look and feel. I use Eleven40 Pro. Try Studiopress Themes. I reveal more in this ConvertKit review. Try Convertkit. LeadPages is a drag-and-drop software tool that you can use to create landing pages and more for your blog. It will also help you grow your email list faster.

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I wrote a detailed LeadPages review explaining how I use this blogging tool. Try LeadPages. Canva is a design tool for non-designers. It takes the headache out of design. Try Canva. InVideo is also a useful tool for creating videos that many reviewers found useful on G2 Crowd. With MeetEdgar, you can automate some of your social media work and spend more time writing.

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It will help you build up a library of and schedule social media posts in advance. I use this tool to promote new and old blog posts, videos and also to share updates with readers. MeetEdgar also helps me drive traffic to this blog. Try Meet Edgar. I use these tools and apps for research, to become more productive and, well, to hit my deadlines.

I spend at least an hour a day listening to great audiobooks on my smartphone that I purchased from Audible , and I listen to two audiobooks a month. Try Audible.

Helping Your Child Overcome Writer's Block

Trello is a powerful project management tool that will help you collaborate with others and get things done. I use this free app to manage my writing, to work with an editor and also to take charge of to-do lists on various blogging projects. Head over to the app store to install the free iPhone or iPad app and keep track of your projects on the go. Trello has a free Android app too. In-app purchase options allow you to access premium features. Try Trello. Well, when you want to talk to blog readers or interview subjects for your book, this simplifies all that.

You can even record your video calls and host group calls and online meetings. You might also want to Zoom has features that also enable you to record your video calls and host group calls and online meetings with readers or blog subscribers. Try Zoom. If you keep getting distracted while writing, use the app Freedom.

It helps manage one of the biggest distractions that writers face- the internet! It will disable your internet access for a pre-determined period, allowing you to focus on writing and not on cat videos! This app comes recommended by everyone from Tim Ferriss to Oprah. Try Freedom. You try to get it perfect in your head and never do, so you never begin.

So how do we vanquish this enemy? Eliminate distractions I use Ommwriter to focus on just writing. Do something to get your blood flowing. I like running. Change your environment. Read a book. Listen to music try classical or jazz to mix it up. Brew some coffee my personal favorite. Create a routine. Many famous writers have daily routines to summon the Muse. Spend time with someone who makes you feel good. Call an old friend. Brainstorm ideas in bullet points. Read some inspiring quotes to get you started. Kinda shot myself in the foot there, huh? Tweet Start somewhere, anywhere.

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