Palatine, Illinois (Then and Now)

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2 Contaminants above legal limits.

In the early 's, village officials decided to move the station west of the downtown area, and another depot was constructed near where the Gateway Center stands today, which encompasses the parking garage, Durty Nellie's and its parking lot. That station included shopping, more than enough parking and bus and taxi service areas as well. Though it was the first of its kind in the suburbs to create a mixed use, it did not survive. The Palatine Metra Station today is a modern facility, with outdoor seating, a Starbucks and is decorated with antique benches, vaulted ceilings and a fountain.

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A clock tower with a brick facade pays homage to the year history of train service in Palatine. To view previous Palatine Past and Present features, click here. Nearby Places. See the four stations that have existed in Palatine and how they evolved over the years. Back to the Palatine Patch. Palatine Weekly Weather Forecast 18h. Read more local news from Palatine.

The Commissioners of Highways divided up the town into nine road districts, each two miles square.

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Twentyfive dollars was raised to defray incidental expenses. The first road laid out by the Commissioners of High.

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This road was laid out and surveyed by A. McClure on the 23d of May, The following is a list of the various officers elected in the town of Palatine since the first election of Supervisors. Clark, ; L. Castle, ; Thomas S. Johnson, ; J. Pahlman, ; M. Pinney, ; J. Pahlman, ; Granville Peck, l74; Henry C. Batterman, ; John B. Clay, ; M. Batterman, ; Lyman Staples, Clerks, - D. Wood ; Leander Grilley, ; L. Castle, D. Wood, John B. Clay, S. Shepard, ; John B.

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Clay, ; G. Hawks, ; H. Jackson, ; S. Barber, ; Granville Peck, ; F. Filbert, ; George C. Whipple, ; F.


Filbert, ; Dennis S. Morgan, ; John B.

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Clay, Allard, ; J. T Garrison, ; J. Allard, Wood, ; M. Lytle, ; B. Bailey, ; H. Galpin, ; R. Foskett, ; J, T. Sleeper, ; A. Drozkowski, ; J. Dobell, ; H.

Cadwell, ; William Daniels, ; C. Whitcomb, ; H H. Pahlman, ; John B. Clay, ; Henry Leurson, ; L. Fay, ; Samuel Filbert, ; H. Kroeneke, ; William Hanneberg, ; George Sehwitzer, Overseers of the Poor. Pratt, ; Alvin Holden, ; John Slade, Commissioners of Highways. Castle, William H. Krieter and E.

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Lytle, ; J. Smith, L. Ketchum, ; Joel Wood, L. Edgerton and J. Smith, ; L. Edgerton Israel Smith and J. Krieter, ; L. Edgerton, Joseph Smith and J. Sleeper, , Israel Smith, M. Sawyer and T. Clay, ; J. Sleeper, ; Fred. Longhorst, ; Lyman Staples, ; J. Berlin, ; Fred Longhorst, ; L.