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PASSION FOR LIFE – Together We Fight. Together We Win.

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Finding your life's purpose - Passion

Reset MFA. Keep me logged in. Sign In. Having something that requires your focus AND physical attention can often help in re-centering you. Give back. Nothing puts your petty problems into perspective quite like helping those really who need it. Research a cause that is important to you and seek out ways to help any nearby charities. Reach out to someone you really admire. It could be a celebrity, someone you follow on social media, or even someone you went to school with.

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Everyone appreciates hearing that they are appreciated. Send a thoughtful note about how you look up to them.

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You never know what could come from it. Write letters to your past, present, and future self. You might be surprised at some of the things you have to say. When we take a moment to step outside of our current place in life, by either reflecting on the past or envisioning the future, it can help us formulate the proper steps to go forward in a direction that will make us fulfilled.

Organize a weekly meet up with your closest friends. Or every two weeks, if that works better for everyone.

Restoring Your Passion for Life | New Life Christian Church

Life can be stressful. If you can take an hour or two to watch reruns on Netflix, you can set aside time to see your closest pals. If you have a dog, see if they qualify to become a therapy pet. In my opinion, having a dog is one of the best things a person can do. Your canine pal could bring smiles to hospitals, nursing homes, and more. You can check out Alliance Of Therapy Dogs for more information on how to proceed. Forgive those who hurt you. But when we hold onto anger and hurt, it builds up as toxic energy in our bodies.

Forgiving does not mean forgetting. It just means moving forward.

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  • It means giving yourself the best chance at letting go of pain. Let go of the word happy. Happy should never be the end goal. Happy is an emotion, and emotions are, and always will be, temporary things. Instead, try understanding that it comes and goes.