Secret of the Satanic Enterprise

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After a lengthy inquiry into the matter, and in light of the Talosian-provided images, Kirk allowed Pike to beam down. Commodore Jose I. Mendez also dropped all charges against Spock.

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While commanding an away mission aboard the Galileo on stardate Giant hostile creatures killed two crewmembers while the shuttle was stranded there. Spock, aided by Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott , eventually launched the shuttle. Knowing that it could not break free of the planet's gravity, Spock ignited the shuttlecraft's remaining fuel, using it as a flare. The gamble paid off; it alerted the Enterprise , which turned around and rescued the team.

Spock in command of the Enterprise after the Metrons abduct Kirk.

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After being thrown back in time to Earth of and interacting with that planet's US Air Force , Spock was able to recreate a time warp with a slingshot maneuver around the sun. TOS : " Tomorrow is Yesterday ". Later, when Kirk was court-martialed for causing the death of Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Finney , Spock proved that Finney had altered the Enterprise 's computer tapes to frame Kirk, by beating the computer at chess four times in a row, something which would ordinarily be impossible. TOS : " Court Martial ". Spock, along with Kirk, helped disable a computer that controlled the lives of a civilization on Beta III and allowed no free thought or creative thinking.

Spock flooded the ship with gas, disabling Khan and his followers. TOS : " Space Seed ". On stardate Computers fought the war virtually so that the destruction of actual warfare did not devastate the two worlds, thus preserving both civilizations. Whenever the computer registered a hit, the affected citizens reported to a disintegration chamber and were vaporized. The war computer soon declared that a tricobalt satellite explosion had destroyed the Enterprise ; as a result, Eminiar officials expected the crew to report to the disintegration stations.

They abducted Kirk and Spock to ensure compliance, but the two escaped captivity and destroyed the computers on Eminiar VII. With the threat of a real war looming over the inhabitants of both planets, Spock and Kirk sought to negotiate a peace between Eminiar VII and Vendikar. Later, on the mining planet Janus VI , an unknown creature was killing miners there. After locating the creature, Spock mind melded with it; he discovered that the creature was called a Horta and determined that its killing of the miners was an attempt to protect its young.

The miners had been unintentionally killing the Horta's offspring by destroying silicon nodules which were really the creature's eggs. Spock negotiated a pact between the Horta and the miners: The miners would leave the eggs alone and the Horta, in turn, would help the miners locate valuable minerals.

Spock and Kirk later became trapped on Organia , a planet of medieval culture, during a Klingon occupation of the planet. The Klingons wanted to use Organia as a base in their war against the Federation. The Organian council refused the Federation's help, and after the Klingons invaded and took control of Organia, Kirk and Spock had civilian identities imposed on them, with Spock being given the identity of a merchant. They then became involved in sabotage. After the Klingons captured them, the Organians set Spock and Kirk free.

Just as war began to break out, the Organians revealed themselves to be powerful energy beings, once humanoid but now evolved. They neutralized both sides weaponry and stopped the war. TOS : " Errand of Mercy ". Leonard McCoy. McCoy had entered the time portal and somehow changed history. Spock discovered that McCoy changed history by saving the life of Edith Keeler , a social worker who, in the altered timeline, led a pacifist movement that delayed the United States of America 's entry into World War II , thus allowing Adolf Hitler to win the war.

Spock persuaded Kirk that allowing Keeler to die in an auto accident was only way to restore the timeline. Near the end of the year, a Denevan neural parasite that destroyed the colony on Deneva also attacked Spock. He submitted to an experiment that destroyed the creature inside him but also left him blind. However, the blindness was only temporary due to an inner set of eyelids that all Vulcans possessed.

Secret Of The Satanic Enterprise

TOS : " Operation -- Annihilate! In late , the Enterprise encountered a probe called Nomad that had destroyed multiple star systems and their inhabitants. Spock mind-melded with the probe and discovered that it was an old Earth probe originally tasked with seeking out new life. Somehow damaged in space, it had merged with an alien probe on a mission to sterilize "imperfect" biological organisms from soil. These two missions had merged into sterilizing or improving anything that was not "perfect. TOS : " The Changeling ".

On the planet's surface, they found Zefram Cochrane , the inventor of Earth's warp drive. History records Cochrane's death as having occurred decades ago. The cloud creature, which Cochrane called the " Companion ", had discovered him and managed to keep him alive and young. The creature had brought the three Starfleet officers to be companions for Cochrane. When Spock tried to repair the shuttlecraft, the Companion stopped him. The situation was resolved when the Companion joined with Hedford, who was dying from an incurable disease, and cured her.

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TOS : " Metamorphosis ". In , Spock and other crewmembers of the Enterprise encountered Harry Mudd stranded on a planet of androids. The androids wanted the Enterprise to escape the planet and serve Humans so that they would not have to explore space. Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the crew eventually managed to overload the androids' central control by acting in a illogical manner, causing the chief android, Norman , to have a nervous breakdown. TOS : " I, Mudd ". While traveling to a peace conference on Babel , Spock was reunited with his parents.

There was still much friction between Spock and his father, Sarek. When Sarek was accused of the murder of another delegate, the Tellarite Gav , it was revealed that he was ill with a cardiac defect, which made it unlikely that he could have committed the crime. McCoy was then tasked with performing surgery on Sarek for this defect while in a space battle with an enemy ship.

It was then discovered that Orions were responsible for the murder, and Spock made himself available for a blood transfusion for his father's surgery because they shared the same rare blood type , T-negative. Recovering in sickbay , Sarek and Spock made peace with each other, even playfully teasing Spock's mother, Amanda. TOS : " Journey to Babel ".

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Spock later visited Sigma Iotia II , whose inhabitants had modeled their society on the gangster era of Earth's s. An earlier starship had left behind a book about gangsters from Earth's 20th century that the imitative Iotians had used as a blueprint for their society. Spock played the part of one of the bosses of the main syndicate, "The Federation," and helped Kirk unite the two warring bosses into a form of government.

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Spock, along with the Enterprise , encountered a space amoeba that destroyed entire star systems. In order to gain information on the creature, Spock piloted a shuttle into the amoeba and found that it was about to reproduce by fission. Spock subsequently destroyed the creature with an antimatter bomb.

Spock's body was later taken over by Henoch , one of three survivors of an ancient civilization that had destroyed itself. The three had become energy beings to survive, and wished to build androids to house their minds. Henoch, the rival of fellow survivor Sargon , refused to relinquish Spock's body and attempted to kill Sargon. He himself was killed with the help of Spock's consciousness and Thalassa , Sargon's wife.

TOS : " Return to Tomorrow ". Spock came in contact with various other worlds in the early part of He was captured by Ekosians , who had based their society on that of Nazi Germany and tortured him to obtain information about the Enterprise. John Gill , a Federation historian , had visited Ekos and attempted to use the efficiency of Nazi Germany to bring stability to the planet. Toward the end of the encounter, it was found out that Gill was drugged by his deputy, Melakon.

source url Through the use of the mind meld, Spock was able to help bring him to almost full wakefulness. TOS : " Patterns of Force ".

Spock battled Kelvans who tried to take over the Enterprise in order to return to their homeworld in the Andromeda Galaxy , and helped Kirk stop Ronald Tracey , a Federation captain interfering in the planet Omega IV 's societies by arming the Kohms against the Yangs. He also battled the government of a planet where a Rome -like civilization had never fallen and gladiatorial games still took place in the planet's modern era.

Spock's mindless body equipped with a neural stimulator after the Eymorgs stole his brain.

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Later the same year, Spock's brain was stolen by an alien race to help power a computer that controlled its society and provided for all its needs. McCoy was able to reconnect Spock's brain to his body with the same technology used to remove it. TOS : " Spock's Brain ".