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But, sometimes, some other people didn't want to see the true image of life, even the true scene is in their faces, they ignored. How about a real seeker of truth? What should I do, If God create me to see the truth? Did I need to use my mouth and say what's going on? Being a real seeker of truth is so hard, you will see the act of everyone, see their sin, their good and bad act to other and their secret. You will find the things you never want to know. And for that, it really breaks my heart. Yes, I. I am a real seeker of truth who never see the truth inside the heart, instead, I only see the scenario—I see the things of what they done to do.

It just looks like, I do have a power to reveal but I cannot use it.

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Because if I may use that, all things will be broken. There is a thing I wanna point of, a person who steal a phone from his classmate. The person who steal the phone is one of the intelligent person in their class, and has a highest grade. But he is a poor man. That's why I let him to continue what his doing. I see him stealing the phone, but all I can do is to watch. I never make a move to get him stopped on what his doing so bad.

I saw, I just watched him. When the person who lose his phone ask me, I just shut-up and pretend that I know nothing. Yes, my eyes is brilliant but my mouth is afraid. Cons They like to control things more than you do. Pros When you work together, you may create a wonderful energy. They love planning and new experiences. You bring the safety of smart choices. Work together and complete each other.

You thrive on using the past. They want control and are always looking for new experiences—the past is unimportant to them. Pros You both long for those times of quiet certainty and reflection. You both know how to dedicate yourselves to something you cherish. They love new experiences and planning. You work together and complete each other.

If you both want things your own way, you may run into problems fast. Pros This could be harmonious. Cons You may find them too wishy-washy and diplomatic. Do they always have to be so understanding?

The secret to happiness and success is knowing where to look for the value in ourselves and others. Visionaries champion innovation, focus on solutions, and help others begin to think outside-the-box. Information and organization are both important to Curators. Curators caution and practicality provide a solid foundation for decision making. They help the group avoid unnecessary risks.

A Seeker of Truth

Researchers ensure that the group makes decisions with full knowledge of the risks and consequences. Engineers promote accountability, reliability, and trustworthiness, helping bring projects to completion. Navigators combine vision, action, and a knack for organizing. People say that they are natural leaders. Leaders are more open to change than most Present thinkers, and understand the benefits of deviating from a plan.

The Tale of The Truth Seeker | Center for Inquiry

With your unusual ability to engage all thinking styles, Connectors have a clear understanding of group process. Connectors sense when members are focusing on only one thinking styles and a minority perspective is being pushed to the margins. Connectors serve as a mediator, help resolve conflicts, and keep everyone focused on constructive interaction. Discover how to maximise your potential. Even if you know your Archetype, Satori Cards will open up a whole new understanding for you of the people in your life.

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Satori Cards are the most powerful human insights game in the world. By playing this card game you will understand yourself, friends, loved ones and collaborative teams better. You will discover:. Welcome Truth-seeker. A need to write things down so that you can reflect on, understand and clarify your thoughts A trust in only the most authoritative and proven sources A need for evidence and data in support of what is claimed by others An allegiance to people and causes that have proven their worth in quantifiable ways A skepticism for unfounded or unproven ideas A loyalty towards people that historically and consistently deliver on their promises.

Maximize Your Strengths. Do work at becoming an expert at everything you tackle by learning all the details you can. Do use the past as a reference point. The information is valuable and it is wise of you to make something practical of this. Growth Opportunities.

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Maybe things were better in the good old days, but not everything is bad now. There are new advances and new technologies in the world—both now and on the horizon—that immeasurably help life. Past: Truth-seeker. Present: Organizer.

Qualifications of the truth seeker

Future: Visionary. Past-Present: Curator. Past-Future: Researcher. Present-Past: Engineer. Present-Future: Navigator. Future-Past: Explorer.

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Future-Present: Leader. Past-Present-Future: Connector. You help the group develop a deeper understanding of its mission. You teach people how to reduce the risk of failure and measure progress realistically. The 10 Archetypes Collaboration Styles. Truth-seekers help the group develop a deeper understanding of its mission. Truth-seekers teach people how to reduce the risk of failure and measure progress realistically. Organizers keep their teammates focused on outcomes.