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Guns and phones deal 'maximum' carnage to Papua New Guinea's warring tribes

Initially I thought the magical system would be something interesting and unique as it is presented as a sort of magical programming language that you feed into an object which then translates the language into magical action. To me it seems a sort of computer programming meets magic.

However, the rules of magic are quite vague and how it all works is not well-explained. This might not be an issue if you are not too picky about a fantasy book having a consistent and logical magical system i. Keep in mind though, this is pretty much a romance novel, not a fantasy novel.

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Will you enjoy this novel? It depends on what you are looking for. Sharakhai, the great city of the desert, center of commerce and culture, has been ruled from time immemorial by twelve kings -- cruel, ruthless, powerful, and immortal. With their army of Silver Spears, their elite company of Blade Maidens and their holy defenders, the terrifying asirim, the Kings uphold their positions as undisputed, invincible lords of the desert.

There is no hope of freedom for any under their rule.

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What she learns that night sets her on a path that winds through both the terrible truths of the Kings' mysterious history and the hidden riddles of her own heritage. Together, these secrets could finally break the iron grip of the Kings' power Blog editor, admin and founder of BestFantasyBooks. In fact, I have no spare time -- running this site IS my spare time! Facebook 0.

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      We apologize for the inconveniences and is working hard to patch it up as soon as possible. Read using. RM Title: AD Merlin the Sorcerer. Author: Aenghus Chisholme.

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      But the beautiful and other-worldly faerie Nimue has other ideas for Merlin. King Arthur is facing battle with the murderous Saxon overlord Aelle. Causing a situation that may tip the balance of power to the invading warmonger. Enter a tangled web of intrigue and lust, sorcery and sword fights, as the lives of these mythical figures intersect and irrevocably change the natural course of events in the year AD