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Rian has asked for a couple of things here and there that he needs for his story.

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He is an incredibly accomplished filmmaker and an incredibly strong writer. So the story he told took what we were doing and went in the direction that he felt was best but that is very much in line with what we were thinking as well. When you look back at the original trilogy, are there certain scenes that stand out to you? Meaning: It was a massively powerful, instantly classic moment in movie history, but it was only possible because it stood on the shoulders of the film that came before it. There had been a couple of years to allow the idea of Darth Vader to sink in, to let him emerge as one of the greatest movie villains ever.

A squadron of X-wing fighters flies low, with strike-foils open and prepared for attack. It unburdens you. All of those massive story elements are merely brushstrokes in A New Hope. In , none of those things were clear to anyone and maybe not even entirely to George Lucas. I cannot say enough about what George was able to do with that first movie, let alone the next ones. Forget how incredible it looked, forget the technology, forget the humor of it, the heart, the romance, the adventure—all the amazing moments that made us love it.

Think about what he was able to stir up, the questions he was able to ask—exactly the right questions—the idea that he was able to create a world that clearly went so far beyond the boundaries of what we were seeing and hearing. This, to me, is one of the greatest things about Star Wars. But with a universe that vast, you have to think about constraint, right? You clearly have enjoyed a healthy budget and have had a big world to go invent. Were there particular limitations you wanted to put on either the process or the story, something that would help you focus on those goals?

I find that I am most happy when I have boundaries. What was great was he had given me a very specific assignment.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adaptation #1 (of 6)

So when I called him back and told him my thoughts, they were far weirder than what he would have ever expected. He was basically thinking about doing a kind of castaway show. But the constraint he imposed allowed the weirdness to kind of feel like fertile ground. Weirdness within limits, you know?

Destruction of Luke Skywalker's Jedi Temple

What does that even mean? Star Wars is so boundless in terms of the world, the characters, the conflicts. When we began working on this film, Larry and I started by making a list of things that we knew held interest for us, the things we wanted to see, the things we felt were important. You have to really understand the design choices, because everything is important.

Daisy Ridley Rey is one of a handful of young actors charged with creating icons for a new generation of Star Wars stories. For example, when we were on-set and we were shooting a scene, it was always amazing to me to see Harrison Ford dressed as Han Solo. Remember the feeling of the villain stepping off his ship? Or the sound of the TIE fighters when they roar past you? We really tried to look at it from the inside out.

What makes this story have a beating heart? What makes it romantic or fun or surprising or heartbreaking or hysterically funny? We simply approached this narrative from the point of view that this is a story about a young man and a young woman, not with the idea that we can do anything we want. How did you work with the design team; how did you go about tackling the production design? It all started at the very beginning, when we were working with Michael Arndt, the first writer on the project.

While Michael and I were collaborating, I invited our production designer, Rick Carter, into the story process. My sense was that the sooner Rick could be part of the process, the better. Very quickly, it became an incredible advantage to have Rick dealing with the designers and artists, prepping the conceptual work based on our story meetings. Almost immediately, designs would start to roll in that gave shape to the ideas we were working on. You know the moment when you reconnect with someone after years apart? That has to be apparent in who he is.

Star Wars: Jedi Quest, Book 1: The Way of the Apprentice

Stormtroopers and X-wings may be the greatest eye candy in the world, but Abrams knows the story still has to work. Then there were things like the radar dish on the Falcon , which clearly was ripped off in Jedi , so it needed a new one. But part of the decision was made as a fan.

Enraptured (Vampire Awakenings, Book4) Audiobook

It also helped us mark time. Oh my God! First of all, forget his talent and his achievement. He works in pencil. It is unforgettable, a truly miraculous thing to behold. He has every one of his scores leather-bound.

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He is just superhuman. How do you relay the legacy of what Star Wars means to people like you and me?

Or is that a burden that you try to avoid? Despite their having been born horrifically recently, these kids knew about and understood Star Wars in a way we all do; they just were born into it as opposed to it happening during their lifetime. The key in casting them was finding people who were able to do everything. When you think about all that these characters go through, not just in this movie but knowing their work would continue, these individuals needed to be worthy bearers of this burden and opportunity to continue to tell the story. And for what, eight movies?!

That was a miracle.

Dork Side of the Force

They needed to be able to do everything, and they all killed it. Kylo Ren: The dark side is strong with this one. That, to me, was the biggest challenge. What will that feel like? Will it feel bizarre? Will it feel wrong? Or seeing the sweetness between Han and Rey or the tension and comedy between Han and Finn. It was a lot of work, but it ended up being great.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The ending, and what it means for 'Episode VIII' |

He should be an ideal Jedi apprentice. And yet, there is so much he still has to learn. It is up to Obi-Wan Kenobi to teach him these things. But on a mission to a planet threatened by a toxic disaster, Obi-Wan and Anakin are separated. Anakin and three other apprentices - one of them his rival - must work together in order to survive. Anakin's instincts are clear Anakin Skywalker's destiny will determine the future of a galaxy. These are the events that form his fate. Any additional comments? My 9 year old son really enjoyed this story. He whipped thru listening to this in 2 days! He loved the sound effects in between chapters. We're on to book 2! Yes I would. I first read this story back when I was in middle school. My school library had it and while my memory is a little foggy subject, I am pretty sure it was the very first Star Wars book I finished that wasn't a novelization of the movies.

So I told myself to check it out for nostalgia's sake. It was even better than I remembered with the audible production enhancing the already good experience.