The Complete Idiots Guide to PC Basics, Windows 7 Edition (Complete Idiots Guides (Computers))

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Granted, this can be a sticking point for some. But, this depends largely on which distro you choose, and which forums you use.

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The most "noob-friendly" distros often have the most "noob-friendly" forums, and sometimes offer professional help for a fee. This hasn't been a problem in years. Every printer I've tried on it works fine. I've had some issues with an external wifi dongle once, about 5 years ago, but those are cheap and it's easy to look up which few don't work on Linux in order to avoid them and replace the device.

This part is true, but even at that, there are still many thousands of great games available for it, and the number is growing rapidly. No, it's really not. Windows is far more complicated than any "noob-friendly" distro. But, Linux can grow with the user and become far more than Windows can. You give the example of an apt text-based install in a terminal. That's ignoring the fantastic software managers that closely mimic app stores that anyone familiar with a smartphone or tablet which is currently far more than the number of people familiar with Windows will feel completely at home with.

Installing Windows is much harder, and doesn't easily allow you to dual-boot like installing Linux extremely simply can. After installing Windows at least the last time I slogged through that nasty process , you have to often research which drivers you need, find, and install drivers yourself after Windows is installed, then install all your non-OS software one-by-one. A HUGE pain! Good, "noob-friendly" Linux installers very easily do most of that work for you.

Buy one! Don't want to mess with installation which can admittedly be tricky for the uninitiated? Get one with Linux pre-installed, exactly like most do with a Windows machine! These are easy things to solve, even for a "noob"! I have used Linux Mint for a few years, love it! Does what I want it to do, for free, and it's not Microsoft.

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I agree It's not for computer illiterate people, but anyone who can read and follow this article can install and use it. Mastering a new OS can be very satisfying. I use no protection or anti-virus programs, no problems. I keep a win7 PC handy in case I need it, which is very seldom. Still need WIN to update my Garmin maps - so far. Much of what this article says is not true or a mis characterization, no offense intended toward the author.

Downloading and installing is easy, don't hesitate to try it. It can breath new life into an old computer, nothing to lose. This article has sure perked up the Linux crowd! The article sounds like my mom's reasons for not getting a smart phone.

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When you don't know how to do something it's real easy to project that towards others Ha Ha Ha! Nothing except for the games maybe is even close to truth. Linux is nowdays the easiest to use just like android and swarmed with apps thet easily replace any Windows program. I've been using Linux only for more than 10 yrs and never mised any part of WIN. Linux isn't for main stream corporate use like windows is, if you don't need half the crap like Adobe on your personal pc, why should you fork out excessive amounts of money for Windows?

Not sure original poster has ever used or installed a Linux distribution recently. Granted years ago Linux was difficult to install. But these days it is very easy and takes around 20 minutes. I defy anyone to install windows from scratch in that time. Linux servers outnumber windows servers on the internet by far: why, more reliable and much more stable. Each to their own but this original post is buried well in the past Linux is not hard either to use or install on the desktop.

Oh, while we are at it, Android is based on Linux and that is used on huge numbers of of phones so it can't be all bad or hard to use :. Many commands and app are the same. Strongly disagree.

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I have both Win 10 and Peppermint 8. Almost all Windows programs have a Linux Equivalent. Most others can be run under Wine. If you're too lazy to look, stick with Windows. Updating Linux is easy. Updating most programs can be done from within the programs. Yes, there are many, but a scant few for those who don't wish to tinker. Do some research.

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Download some live disks. BTW, Windows keeps releasing new versions. Windows has no such version. MS uses their software users as beta-testers. I've had multiple problems with the Fall Creator Update for Win Can't comment. As far as Wifi, some distros are better than others. But many support wifi "out-of-the-box" One of the reasons I like Peppermint 9 If you stick to one of the major Distros, Linux is not complicated.

Most have software sources that are minimally more complicated than Windows afa installing software. As far as Google OS, Peppermint is a great alternative. Granted, Windows comes pre-installed on many machines. Try to install it yourself. I dare you. Both systems have pluses and minuses. It's why I keep Win 10 even though it often makes me want to tear out what's left of my hair. Windows excels in taking users by the hand and making things easy. Still, there are problems.

For the computer-phobic there are Chromebooks. There must be some kind of financial incentive for spread of so much misinformation. Almost everything in the article is outdated, incorrect and wrong. There are also commenters who must be being paid.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to PC Basics, Windows 7 Edition (Complete Idiot's Guides (Computers))

Now to wait a bit and come back to these comments after the paid Microsoft crew changes the top comment again to more misinformation to match the articles theme. Then I will again post a new top comment pointing out reading of ALL of the comments destroys the narrative, every list item on it and the additional false comments.

Plus not yet mentioned below Linux distros look and feel more professional No ads anywhere except on the Internet, how nice.

The lack of viruses doesn't hurt the overall experience either. As some one who has been looking into going with Linux on a couple of my computers I would have to agree with the majority off the points made in this article. The Linux world is a mess. Looking at the comments I see a lot of defensivness. I assume these are, as the article alludes to, long time Linux users, hobbiest, and people familiar with programming. No one cares if you can use Linux better with servers than Windows, they don't plan on doing that!

Looking for guidance I find no decent online help, no one in my circle of contacts who has any experience with Linux, or users groups within miles. There is even a series of videos on YouTube about why Linux sucks, by long time Linux users. So stop making like its the nasty Windows megalomaniacs keeping Linux down.