The Waltz of the Shadows

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Erlansen: Yes.

The Waltz Of The Shadows

What a lovely afternoon! Nordstrom: Yes. Erlansen: The evening air Doesn't feel quite right Erlansen: No. Just the glow of a cigar. Nordstrom: Oh. Lindquist: The atmosphere's becoming heady, The ambiance thrilling. Segstrom: The spirits unsteady, The flesh far from willing.

Lindquist: To be perpetually ready Is far from fulfilling. Segstrom: But wait! The sun is dipping. Lindquist: Where?

14 - Waltz Of The Shadows by Yazan al-hajari | Free Listening on SoundCloud

It's dropping. At last it's slipping. Life, love and death dance The Waltz of Shadows in this collection of poetry that haunts the edges of our lives and minds. It hides from the bright lights of day and exists in a world of forever moving shadows. Love in its many guises and disguises; loss and new hope; the end of innocence and the fragility of the human mind are all within the pages of this moving collection.

The poets have been introspective, looking deeply within themselves and have excavated through layers of experiences, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. These poems have been written with their true feelings about emotions and experiences that have touched their lives and are intrinsically shared globally in different personal ways.

Waltz of the Shadows

With the shadows of the darkness of depression, for example, comes the balance of the fleeting glimmers of hope that can occasionally burn strongly. The poets are from very different backgrounds and have been bought up in separate cultures and yet they have found a shared set of emotions and feelings that they present here through their words. There are no shadows without light but sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the two as they dance together in The Waltz of Shadows.

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