Visa Success! An Easy-to Understand Immigration Guide for Aspiring Medical Graduates

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During the process of achieving higher studies, you get a chance to fund your education by assisting your professor in various research projects. By assisting your professor on your selected stream of subject or course, you also get an opportunity to hone your skills and expand your knowledge on your specialized subject. After notching an educational degree from an esteemed American university, the chances of notching a good job in your desired multinational organization get higher.

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The academic degrees you obtain from an American university open up the career prospects. Pursuing education in USA means you will learn the skills of accessing data, get to learn various technological stuffs and updated technologies. The technological skills taught in the American universities will make you a tech savvy and a master in technology.

Apply for a student visa for USA to get admission in a reputable American university. Accomplish your career goals and make your way into a bright future by studying in USA. If you are planning to study in USA , either for the undergraduate studies or the post graduate studies, an action plan is extremely necessary.

Here is a detailed timeline for pursuing higher studies in the United States for the September intake. These are basically the first steps which you need to take between April to September It is advised to go through the websites of the universities in details and make a not of the requirements for application, eligibility, deadlines etc.

June to December is the time for you to crack the required examinations which an essential part of the admission process. It is also very important to have a plan for the buffer time in case a retest is required. Check the retesting procedure as well as guidelines. Visa and finance are two major components of your study in USA , so proceed with it between May to July So, you are all set to join your selected university or institution in the US in September Every year thousands of students from across the world visit the United States in order to pursue higher education.

The United States of America houses a number of well — known colleges and universities which offers mind — blowing opportunities to the students. However, before moving to the United States for pursuing higher studies, it is important for the students to understand that the cost of living in the United States.

Listed below are some of the tips that you should consider in order to get top quality higher education. Several support systems are there in the USA for students to get financial assistance. Several students get funding for college in the USA through loans and grants. Many students may also be entitled for scholarships, which must be earned, whether through athletic talent, academic merit, or civic performance. However, it is recommended to do a personal calculation of all the costs to ensure that you have adequate money in your budget before you arrive in the USA, and start researching sources of financial help well in advance.

Community colleges in the recent times have become quite popular. These colleges at times are referred to as junior colleges which are two-year schools that offer affordable post-secondary education as a path to a four year degree.

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Prior to starting with a traditional university, it is always better to opt for a community college. There is a common misconception among parents that a community college degree will not assist their students to get enrolled in the leading universities of the world. But that really could not be further from the fact. In fact, community colleges are well-known across the world and are certified by the council for Higher Education Accreditation, in addition to the U. Department of Education.

Mentioned below are some of the benefits that explain why studying at a community college is beneficial:. Apart from all these, community colleges are usually smaller and therefore students can get more access to the instructors and other faculty members. In addition to this, it is a world leader in every sphere, be it politics, business, media, technology, science, and education.

This makes the opportunities for job hunting in this country diverse and vast. So while many international students study in American universities and colleges , some dream of seeking employment here too, even if it is on a temporary basis. You can find the best US job program for foreign students , which makes working in the US temporarily after finishing your education possible.

According to reports, the US government program for foreign students is slowly but steadily expanding. This offers them a chance to stay in the country for a longer duration even after they finish their studies. The chance is offered so that they can gain access to temporary employment. Based on the federal program, it is possible for individuals with an F1 visa, who complete school, to remain in the US and work for up to one year.

Many foreign students taking classes in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM can even work for an additional 24 months. Under the H-1B program, foreign workers are allowed to stay in the States for six years. After the six-year duration, these workers either have to seek permission to stay in the country on a permanent basis or need to go back to their home country again.

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This program is formulated to offer employment to foreign workers for jobs that require specialized knowledge. More often than not, working for a temporary job through the OPT program is the first step that individuals take in the hope of receiving an H-1B visa at a later stage. When compared to the OPT program that saw around , people take part in it in , the H-1B program is restricted to around 85, people every year.

Although the US comprises of the largest student population in the world, foreign student enrollment in the US colleges seems to have reduced since This is mostly because of the government policies that seek to set boundaries on immigration. Nevertheless, foreign student candidates truly deserving enough benefit to a large extent from the US job programs available.

At Kanan International , a professional foreign education consultant, you can fulfill your study in USA dreams in a way that works best for you. Our professionals work in a transparent, consistent, and honest manner while our tailor-made programs cater to your requirements perfectly. We help you obtain the student visa and provide a variety of immigration services.

This ensures your migration to the US, for higher studies and after that temporary job employment is a success. Studying abroad is a dream for most people who have high career aspirations. However, many people find it challenging to give wings to their dream as they are not well-versed with the process to study in USA.

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We guide and prepare students for pursuing higher education in the USA. Understanding the process to study in USA begins with identifying the very basic requirements that you will need to comply with. Of course, different universities and colleges will have their own restrictions on academic performance or may even have an entrance examination, the basic qualification you will need for any course of study in the US is a certification that you have a certain competence level at communicating in the English language.

Apart from this, here is what you will need to study in the USA. If the above information seems overwhelming, here is a detailed look at how you can prepare yourself seamlessly:. There are several top universities and colleges in the USA that accept international students. You will need to spend a lot of time researching and ultimately deciding which college will perfectly sync with your purpose of study.

Other aspects to bear in mind while choosing your university is the culture and climate of the region state. The next important aspect is to check on the availability of the course that you want to study. Not all universities offer all subjects and hence, you need to be well aware here. Once you have decided on a certain university and a course of study, you need to look into the costs that you will have to bear when staying alone in the US.

From accommodation costs to living costs, you need to work around well to identify the best source of finance. The cost of education varies in different colleges. Likewise, the cost of accommodation may vary in different cities and states. Work out your economy before you take a decision. The application process varies in different college and university. Find out the application procedures and deadlines of your preferred institutions well in advance so you get time to fill the application correctly and submit it well in time.

You will need to apply for a student visa soon after you get a letter of acceptance from the institution. Be informed about the process and the type of visa you will need to apply for. This test shows your proficiency in English and it is must to score well in this test if you wish to study or work in the USA. You can get all of this done without any hassle by opting for the services of Kanan International , an experienced student visa consultant for USA. We have a thorough knowledge of the process to study in USA.

We have helped thousands of aspiring students fulfill their dream of getting a higher education abroad.

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Contact us to know more about our overseas admission guidance programs. After all, American universities only grant admissions to the best students out of the lot.

But wait, before celebrating your accomplishment and new life of opportunity just yet, you need to get your US student visa sorted. Here are some useful tips to prepare you for the visa formalities so you can avoid facing rejection. There are two student visa categories you can apply for when planning to study in the US.

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Students heading to the US for non-academic or vocation studies require the M visa while students pursuing academic studies in the US need an F1 visa. See that you meet all of the requirements and conditions perfectly if you want to obtain a student visa. It is best to apply for a visa three months in advance. In this way, any appeal in case of visa denial or delays at the embassy can be taken into consideration.

Putting on business attire helps to form a favorable impression. See if you can figure out whether the interviewer is in a hurry or not. You can then decide if you want to keep your answers short. If the interviewer is thorough and methodical, you can elaborate a little but see that you keep it specific and concise.